Dear Good Shepherd Family,

The vision of Good Shepherd is to reach and equip the people of Athens with the gospel of Jesus Christ, so that lives are transformed spiritually, socially, and materially. Since late 2015, God has specifically called us to be a church in and for the Normaltown community of Athens. While our focus on the relatively small area of Normaltown may come as a surprise to some, we want to be clear that this neighborhood plays a vital and strategic role in the city as a whole. Athens is a small city with a big-city identity. Like a big city, it is grouped into easily identifiable neighborhoods and sections such as 5 Points, the Eastside, Downtown, and Normaltown. Our neighborhood in particular is one of the more un-churched, and de-churched, areas of the city. The majority of our neighbors and members of our community have no religious affiliation whatsoever. At the same time, this area has a thriving arts community, its own restaurants and shops, and a growing medical community with the UGA medical school and the expansion of Piedmont Athens Regional. In short, the population is growing, the housing prices are rising, and the sense of collective community identity is solidifying. And yet, there are no other churches focused exclusively on reaching this neighborhood. We long to be that church. We long to see the growth of this community be more than just skin-deep. We long to see God’s Kingdom come as we share the love of Christ.

In short, the focus on our mission and the needs of our community require us to find a more permanent home here in Normaltown. While our current location has served us well over the years, it no longer offers adequate parking, worship space, or classrooms to allow us to effectively serve, reach, and equip our community. We plan to raise $800,000 in order to either purchase and renovate an existing property or build a new one. In my years of fundraising as a church planter, I have seen God provide again and again. I have seen Him make possible that which in my limited perspective seemed impossible. We trust God in His faithfulness to provide. In order to accomplish this goal, we need your support – both partnership in prayer and generosity of giving. This journey will stretch us in our faith, our calling, and our witness as a church. Will you consider joining us in this effort? This building is not our end, only a means by which we might love our city, and make the love of Christ known to all.

In Christ and for His glory,