┬áHave you ever looked at a friend or a spouse and said, “Tell me what you’re thinking”? It can be difficult, especially with someone you love, to not really understand what is on their mind and heart, to not really know where they are emotionally or spiritually. That lack of clarity and transparency can lead us to distance ourselves from one another at a time when what we really need is to move toward each other. The same distance can occur in our relationship with God when we lose sight of what He really cares about and what He desires for us. Join us this fall as we look at what the prophets Hosea and Micah teach us about the heart of God. In their words we will find clarity about God’s love for us, the lengths He is willing to go to call us His people, and His desire for how we live and move in this world.
See you on Sunday!
Morgan Angert
Senior Pastor