What We Believe

Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church exists to reach and equip the people of Athens with the gospel of Jesus Christ so that lives are transformed spiritually, socially, and materially.

In other words, we believe that the only answers to our deepest questions and the only solutions to the world’s profound brokenness are through the Gospel of Christ crucified and raised from the dead. As we engage with Jesus and he engages with us, there will be a very real impact on our spiritual lives, on our relationships, and on the communities in which we live and operate.

Oriented towards the Kingdom

The Kingdom of God is the restorative reign of God breaking into a broken world. Thus, the kingdom of God is much broader and bigger than just the local church, though the church is the crucial ingredient in the spread of the kingdom. As a consequence, our constant focus will be on how we, as God’s people, can partner with our Savior through word and deed ministry to see His kingdom bring “substantial healing” to our community, as Francis Schaeffer would frequently say. We don’t want to be inwardly focused on ourselves, but outwardly focused on the community and world around us

Driven by Deep Truths

Solid, biblical theology is essential to our lives and mission as a church and as individuals. Engaging with Scripture allows us to not only see God more clearly, but ourselves more honestly. In his mercy, God has given us the means of grace (the sacraments, the word, and prayer) to enable us to grow and be conformed to the image of his Son, Jesus Christ. Put more simply, how can we seek to make Jesus known in the world if we do not know him ourselves? Scripture gives us the most complete picture of who God is and what he has done for us in Christ.

Enjoying Gospel Rest

In the Bible, Jesus promises that in him we will find rest. We long for the church to be a place of both mission for the gospel and rest in the gospel. We want to design our ministry structure simply so that people are nourished and equipped with the gospel in such a way that they have the energy and time to spend in their communities and workplaces, along with other spheres of influence they may have, to be the messengers of grace wherever they are and whomever they’re with.

Pursuing Gospel Renewal

God’s picture of salvation in Scripture isn’t just for individual people, but for everything He created. Like Bob Dylan’s song, Scripture affirms that ‘everything’s broken,’ but goes further to affirm that God will make all things new. Our desire is to have a positive witness, influence, and impact in Normal Town, Athens, and the World; hoping to see the various areas of its spiritual and cultural brokenness addressed by those who come and worship at GSPC.

In Community

In our work to know Jesus and make Him known, we see fellowship and connection as critical. We have three avenues for connection at Good Shepherd.

Our large group events are gatherings with a low barrier of entry where anyone can come and spend time with us, no matter the level of involvement with the church or knowledge of the gospel.

Our small group gatherings are spaces for those who are interested in digging a little deeper in relationships at GSPC and with the scriptures.

Lastly, our hope is that involvement with our large and small group gatherings will yield more and more one-on-one connections between people seeking to point one another to the life transforming truth of the gospel. Please click on the links below to see how you can connect with any one of our ministries at GSPC.

As part of the Presbyterian Church of America (PCA) our beliefs can be found more fully represented in the Westminster Confession of Faith, as well as the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms.