Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these” (Matt. 19:14). As a community of people who love and cling to Christ, at GSPC we believe that we are called to help our children nurture a relationship with Jesus. Our teachers and leaders set an example of faith in Christ through repentance, grace, and providing a safe space in which to ask questions and grow. We plan to accomplish these goals through these avenues


We offer two nursery classes during worship for our youngest kids. One is for our kids aged 0-2 and the other is for kids aged 2 and 3. In our 2 and 3 class we introduce the idea of worship and relationship with Christ as we joyfully play, gather to read a chapter from the Jesus Storybook Bible, and spend time coloring a picture of the day's story. Our nursery rooms are located at the back of the church and these classes are offered for the duration of the worship service.

Children’s Church

Children's Church is for children ages (4-6). In this class, kids are given a more in-depth look at the story of God's redemption as our teachers lead them through lessons from the Gospel Project. The goal of this class is to prepare our children for what it means to gather in worship and develop a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Children are dismissed from the worship service during the offertory to assemble in the classroom. Children should be picked up immediately following the service.


Each Sunday, check-in your child using the laptop in front of the nursery entrance. You can check them in before the service begins or when Children’s Church is released during the offertory. A name tag and security tag will be printed. Parents MUST present security tag at pick up.


Children will be excused for Children’s Church during the offertory. Parents are responsible for ensuring children make it to the appropriate room.


We invite the children to bring a Bible with them to Children’s Church. In order to limit distractions, please don’t bring any other toys or books from home.


Occasionally a snack will accompany the week’s lesson. Please email any food allergy information to Children will be excused to use the bathroom on their own. Please encourage your child to use the bathroom prior to class.

Elementary Age


Upon entering the church for a Sunday service, parents are welcome to grab a pack of crayons, a pencil, and accompanying memory verse coloring sheet or other applicable worksheet. Kids may fill out the “Kids Corner” on the back of the paper bulletins and turn them in at the front of the church after the service. New bulletins will be displayed each month for the congregation to witness how God is working in their hearts!


We long for our children to know and love the Word of God, finding in it the Savior and his great heart for them and the world. For this reason, we encourage our children (and their parents) to practice memorizing scripture regularly. Each month we will provide both a short memory verse and longer passage for our children to memorize, as able. After the service on the last Sunday of every month, children of all ages are invited to recite these verses to a volunteer at the Kids Corner. We encourage parents to celebrate at home this hard work, explaining to their children that they are hiding away treasure in their hearts that cannot be taken from them! (More on the value of memorizing scripture here)


We invite families of children ages 0-10 to attend our Children’s Ministry events to bring the Word of God alive through church-wide connection and seasonal fun. Our previous events have included the Easter Egg Hunt, Summer Family Field Day, Pizza and Pumpkin Party, Kids' Christmas Celebration

Children's Ministry Team

Lane Hamilton

Children's Ministry Director

Stephanie Starr

Children's Ministry Team Member

Lauren Angert

Children's Ministry Team Member

Chloe Go

Children's Ministry Team Member

Karen Redding

Children's Church Coordinator

Tae Richmond-Moll

Children's Ministry Team Member