The Session

In the Presbyterian Church of America, individual churches are led by appointed leaders called elders who serve together on a board called the Session. The Session is collectively tasked with the government and spiritual oversight of the church. There are two types of elders: ruling elders, who are appointed and ordained to lead and shepherd the church, and teaching elders, who are ordained ministers called to that same task, as well as to shepherd the church through teaching, preaching, and administering the sacraments.

Pastor Morgan Angert

Senior Pastor

Mike Arnold


Mike Hodges


Nathan Moore


Chris Thurmond


Ryan Vangsnes


Ministry Team Leaders

Chris Byrd

Men's Ministry Team Leader

Sabrena Deal

Women's Ministry Team Leader

Marnie Dodd

Outreach Team Leader

Lane Hamilton

Children's Ministry Director

Lucas McAuliffe

Music Ministry Team Leader


Katherine Hodges

Ministry Coordinator

Myles Magloire

Finance Administrator